Our Values and History

Based in Tucson, Arizona, InTech is a healthcare technology solutions company. Before CMS launched Medicare Part D and the Retiree Drug Subsidy programs... InTech experts were designing the data technology to handle the complexity and regulatory issues surrounding prescription drugs and patient privacy. With the launch of RDS, InTech focused on the requirements, regulations and reports needed to provide their clients with the most comprehensive RDS services available at the lowest cost in the market.

Today the InTech team is a valued member of the CMS RDS Workgroup. With years of experience developing technology and complex data management solutions for government programs, InTech excels at handling the changing requirements for these programs. Nimble, reliable and focused on customer service, InTech has over 400 clients in businesses and organizations across the US.

That's the InTech difference... our customer track-record of 100% satisfaction with 100% compliance.

InTech makes sure clients get the maximum RDS subsidy at the lowest cost and without worry about accuracy, HIPAA compliance, data security, audits or fines. Clients interested in RDS ReOpening can count on InTech without risk. A low cost audit will advise clients and most will net additional RDS reimbursement with a recovery rate of 10-35%.


Our Clients Say:

InTech is the partner organizations of all sizes trust and recommend for RDS and RDS ReOpening. When it comes to expertise in handling government healthcare data processing and program compliance, InTech is the leader in knowledge, technology, price... and service.

  • "The financial outcome of the re-open process is tied directly to the expertise and capabilities of the RDS vendor to evaluate multiple factors in the RDS process and identify where the issues are and what the financial opportunity is. In our case, InTech identified past enrollment issues impacting more than 30% of our retiree population. After re-opening the plan year, we corrected the enrollment and eligibility issues resulting in the Fund capturing an additional $165,500 in subsidy for a single plan year."
    Ed Fox, Fund Administrator
    IBEW Local 38

  • "There is no way that we could have done what InTechHV has done for us, as thoroughly and as promptly, as they were able to do. They not only got us money we likely would have never found, they were a pleasure to deal with in the process."
    James L. McGee, Executive Director CEBS
    Transit Employees' Health and Welfare Fund

  • "InTech Health Ventures has provided exceptional service throughout the RDS process.. InTech has been responsive to our questions and their knowledge has been an invaluable resource."
    Debra Bisgaard
    Black Hills Corporation

  • "In these days of high tech government programs we have found a great asset in the InTech Health Ventures. They have given guidance and a better understanding of the RDS process as they walk us through each step. With their assistance we have been able to obtain greater benefit from our Part D Medicare subsidy, as they help to take our data and breaking it down and utilize it to a much better benefit than we have in the past. What could otherwise be a tedious process they have made simple and more useful."
    United Methodist Council of Mississippi

  • "It has been a tremendous benefit in working with InTech. They have done the entire RDS process correctly, answered many, many, many questions and guided us every step of the way."
    Bricklayers and Stone Masons Union Local 20 Fund

  • "InTech Health Ventures is a great company work with. Their teams of highly trained professionals are very knowledgeable, caring, understanding, and always there to help with anything you need. InTech Health Ventures provides me with the best Customer Service I could ask for, and is always there to answer any of my questions on a level I can understand. The employees provide me with the information that I request in a timely matter and it is always accurate."
    American Health Care

  • "We are fortunate to have InTech Health Ventures working with us to collect our retiree subsidy. This is a complicated process, and they have been an excellent resource for us. They are very knowledgeable, efficient, and have been a cost effective partner for our company."
    Nate Solomon, Director of Benefits
    Wolters Kluwer

  • "In January 2008 we chose InTech Health Ventures as our service provider for Retiree Drug Subsidy (RDS) program claims. The team at InTech has been very responsive to our requests and because of their experience with government programs, they work efficiently and produce good results. Based on this experience, in October 2010 we also chose InTech as our service provider for our Early Retiree Reinsurance Program (ERRP) claims. With InTech managing the complex claims processing required by these programs, we can focus resources on our day to day business operations."
    Denise Andrews, Human Resources Manager
    Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

  • "InTech Health Ventures has greatly simplified the processing of our claims. Their specialists worked directly with our health insurance provider to collect the required data and then quickly submit accurate claims to the government. Outsourcing claims to an experienced service provider allows our staff to focus on delivering valuable services to our current and retired employees."
    Cheryl Lynch
    Town of Fairfield, CT

  • "We are delighted to have chosen InTech Health Ventures. It has proven to be a wonderful partnership. They provide excellent service by taking ownership of the process, from obtaining data from our TPA and pharmacy benefit manager to checking submissions for accuracy and following through on every detail. We trust their work and recommend them highly to others who need an efficient, effective service provider."
    Peggy Thompson, City of Springfield
    Springfield, MO

  • "Please accept this letter as a testimonial in support of InTech Health Ventures of Tucson, Arizona. I was initially referred to InTech by a consultant for our Taft-Hartley health fund. I was faced with the daunting task of trying to reconcile the 2006 Retiree Drug Subsidy accounts for two separate pharmacy benefit management firms. The reconciliation process prescribed by RDS was a multiple-step nightmare, made considerably worse because we needed to combine data from each pharmacy benefit manager before even beginning to reconcile. Within a day or two after my initial contact with InTech, they jumped into the project with both feet. InTech's methodical approach to tackling the job was remarkable. Over a period of several months, they patiently guided me through the data and the demographic review necessary to ensure that what we had was accurate. InTech spoke directly to RDS, our pharmacy benefit manager groups, and anyone else from whom they needed information. We had weekly telephone meetings to review progress, and frequent voice and email contact in between meetings as the need arose. InTech was available virtually 100% of the time, whether or not their representative was in the office, and even while on vacation. The reconciliation was completed on time and with every effort made to secure the maximum amount of subsidy monies available. InTech made it painless and efficient. I would have no hesitation using their services repeatedly, given their level of expertise and cooperation."
    Peter Klein, Fund Manager
    Electrical Workers

  • "We have been working with InTech Health Ventures since 2006. They have always provided very prompt, accurate and courteous service. ShawHankins, as well as our clients, have been very pleased with the service we have received. InTech has always been very helpful in answering questions specific to the clients as well as helping with general questions related to navigating the RDS process."
    Chrissy Roberts, CEBS, Benefit Plan Analyst


Our Partners

InTech works directly with organizations as well as provides RDS program services to Pharmacy Benefit Managers, Third-Party Administrators, Benefit Brokers and Consultants. Organizations can select the services they need and still continue to work with their trusted existing relationships. Here are some of the partners we work with: