Affordable Care Act Information Returns (AIR) Reporting

Summary of AIR Reporting Process

InTech will serve as the employer/multi-employer’s data processing and reporting agent to submit accurate employee and employer insurance coverage information to the Internal Revenue Service in accordance to IRS Section 6055/6056. InTech will use employer and employer’s employee data to complete the required AIR associated to the type of insurance provided (fully insured or self-insured). Prior to creating the required forms, InTech will process the data provided and identify incomplete or inaccurate data the employer must correct before submitting to the IRS. After resolving all data errors identified, InTech will transmit employer/employee information to the IRS for validation. If the IRS identifies data errors in the employer data, InTech will produce an error report from which the employer can rectify the inaccurate employee information. After the employer resolves all the data errors, the employer will provide the information to InTech which will transmit the information to the IRS for validation and the iterative process will continue until all employee information is approved by the IRS. Once the employer/employee information passes all IRS data edits and format requirements, the appropriate employer and employee forms will be created. InTech will produce the employee forms in a print file which will be provided to the employer so the employee forms can be printed and distributed. The employer reporting will be submitted electronically to the IRS.

AIR Forms

Any employer required to file 250 or more information returns, must file them electronically. This requirement applies separately for each type of return and separately to each type of corrected return. All filers are encouraged to electronically file even if you have less than 250 returns.

AIR Reporting Responsibilities



AIR Resources

To learn more about Affordable Care Act Information Returns (AIR) requirements, you can review AIR information at: