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Get Highest Satisfaction and Service at the Lowest Cost. Trusted Data Security, as well as HIPAA and CMS compliance you can count on.

Private Sector
Private Sector

Self-funded or fully-funded, large corporations, utilities, industries and businesses of all sizes will maximize their RDS subsidy at the lowest cost and feel confident their data is secure and their reporting...

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Public Sector
Public Sector

State and local governments, agencies, schools and universities, religious and non-profit organizations depend on our comprehensive service and support to navigate the complex and ever-changing CMS process...

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Labor & Unions
Labor Unions

Trade groups, police associations and firefighters, national and local unions representing educators, laborers and employees in hundreds of professions and trades get the benefits they've worked hard to earn by maximizing...

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PBM & Benefits Advisors
PBM & Benefits Advisors

Offering customized, cost-effective, and flexible service options, the top Pharmacy Benefit Managers, 3rd Party Administrators and Benefit Consultants trust us to forge strategic alliances that fit their clients' unique requirements and fit their own...

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You and Your RDS Subsidy... that's our Focus!

That's why our clients select InTech and stay with InTech.

It's not about us. It's about what you need to get the maximum RDS subsidy at the lowest cost.

Superior customer service makes InTech stand out from the rest. Dedicated to providing complete HIPAA compliance and data security... and never a CMS audit. Providing responsive attention to your needs, InTech delivers the best RDS and RDS Reopen experience from initial application through reopen review and reimbursement.

InTech has been working with government healthcare data and technology from the beginning. Before CMS launched Medicare Part D and the Retiree Drug Subsidy programs... InTech experts were designing the data technology to handle the complexity and regulatory issues surrounding prescription drugs and patient privacy.

That’s why InTech knows the questions you need to ask. And gets you the answers you need to make sure you get the maximum RDS subsidy and ReOpen reimbursement.

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