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Take Care of Your Retirees and Let InTech Take Care of Your RDS Process

For companies and corporations of all sizes, administering employee and retiree healthcare benefits today is more complicated and challenging than ever before. Providing the best retiree benefits at the lowest cost can present a difficult challenge. We know you need to meet goals and stay competitive.

That's where InTech comes in.

As your trusted partner in RDS and RDS Reopening programs, you can count on InTech to handle the process from start to reimbursement at the lowest cost in the market. Paying out less to handle the process gives you a higher net RDS reimbursement and allows you to keep the best benefits you can for your valued retired employees.

default: Keep Over 90% of Your Subsidy Reimbursement $
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Low Cost with High Customer Satisfaction

"If you are looking for a partner to help you maximize your RDS subsidy, I strongly recommend you work with InTech. Everyone has been helpful, patient, professional, and I've never had to worry about deadlines because they always keep on top of things for me."
Lynn Schlesser, PHR CAP

InTech clients across the board agree, the flexibility and responsiveness they get from InTech is exceptional. Your benefits staff can contact us with questions and we know the answers…or we get them for you! They know they can count on InTech to be responsive to their needs and accountable to meet deadlines and get the process completed correctly and in complete compliance.

No Worries about Data Security and HIPAA Compliance

Security of data file transmission and storage is a major concern for businesses today, especially with the highly sensitive healthcare information involved in RDS and RDS Reopening programs. And the regulations surrounding HIPAA compliance can be an added worry. You can feel confident that your data is safeguarded and you are compliant with all HIPAA regulations when you work with the experts at InTech. Experienced in handling technology for government healthcare programs for over ten years, the InTech team is recognized by CMS as part of their valued work group.

InTech clients feel confident they are compliant with all CMS regulations. With over 400 clients to date, not one has been audited or involved in penalties or violations of the RDS programs regulations. It's a track record we are proud of and our clients can feel secure about.

"We are fortunate to have InTech Health Ventures working with us to collect our retiree subsidy. This is a complicated process, and they have been an excellent resource for us. They are very knowledgeable, efficient, and have been a cost effective partner for our company." Nate Solomon, Director of Benefits
Wolters Kluwer

RDS is Our Dedicated Focus so it Doesn't Have to Be Yours

In today's multi-tasking environment, RDS and the complexity of a government regulated healthcare program is the last thing you want to put on your Benefits staff's plate. Even the most professional and experienced benefits specialists need training and extra time to get up to speed and stay up to speed on RDS. Possible errors not only cost your company missed reimbursement dollars but involve additional time, training and could result in penalties for missed deadlines and non-compliance.

When you partner with InTech you can free up your staff to handle their already busy schedules and feel assured that you are getting the best value by outsourcing RDS and RDS Reopening to the people who know it best... the experts at InTech Health Ventures.

Whether Your Organization is Self-Funded or Fully-Funded, InTech Has the RDS Solution to Maximize Your Subsidy Reimbursement.

InTech is ready to answer your questions and get started, just give us a call. We will work together with your Third Party Administrators and staff to find the most affordable solution to get you the highest RDS reimbursement subsidies.