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Keep Over 90% of Your RDS Subsidy $... the Highest % at the Lowest Cost to You

InTech delivers a superior RDS experience and value tailored to the unique needs of each client. From application through reimbursement, InTech's SubsidyLink® is designed to provide you with comprehensive service and complete compliance…and the highest net RDS reimbursement subsidy.

Trust InTech to deliver the maximum RDS subsidy with the minimum effort for you and your staff. We are experts at making the complex RDS program simple.

Challenges of RDS

The RDS program is a recognized challenge for most organizations:

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Your benefits staff and advisors may have experience in many areas... but handling the complexity and continual changes in a government-regulated prescription drug program like RDS is more time, effort... and risk... than the average health benefit.

That's where organizations look to InTech to provide the capabilities needed without hiring additional staff or paying the cost and time involved in education and training existing staff. At all times during the process, InTech keeps you and your staff up to date on the program requirements and delivers the kind of customer service, reporting and communication that is unmatched in the RDS market.

You get complete compliance, peace of mind and the highest RDS reimbursement subsidy at the lowest administration cost when you work with the experts at InTech.

Trust InTech to Provide the Complete and Comprehensive RDS Services You Need to Maximize Your RDS $

From beginning to end... or just the services needed to fit your organization…you can count on InTech. You decide what level of RDS assistance you need. Let the experts at InTech perform any or all of the RDS process for you:

Application Process
✔ Monitor plan year application deadlines
✔ Verify plan sponsor administrative roles and set up of Authorized Representative, Account Manager, and Designee
✔ Send initial covered retiree list
✔ Coordinate with plan sponsor and actuary for application completion

Enrollment Management
✔ Complete enrollment file submissions including accurate and timely processing to identify additions, changes and deletions to the full file
✔ Identify to plan sponsor eligibility rejections and clarify errors for plan sponsor resolution

Cost Reporting
✔ Identify and filter to exclude ineligible Part D and Part B drugs
✔ Review and calculate accurate subsidy reports based on PBM claims files
✔ Format, aggregate and submit files to plan sponsor and third parties
✔ Provide updated data connectivity to meet HIPAA compliance and data security
✔ Matching and management of all claims and subsidy files

Annual Reconciliation
✔ Request, receive, and reprocess all data files for final covered retiree list and cost report associated to plan year reconciliation
✔ Compile and report annual data and analysis
✔ Advocate and assist client in any CMS audit or appeal situations
✔ Warehouse data files and reports in accordance to CMS requirements

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Find out how you can maximize your RDS subsidy and why over 400 organizations have complete confidence in InTech as their RDS partner.

Trust InTech's advanced technology and government program experience to transform your complex healthcare information into the maximum subsidy recovery.

To learn more about the details of the CMS Retiree Drug Subsidy program and the regulations and deadlines involved, go to rds.cms.hhs.gov