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Helping to Make Sure the Benefits They Earned are There for Them

Rising benefit costs, shrinking dues and membership rosters…providing the benefits labor and union workers earned is challenge today. That's why organizations across the country look to InTech to help them protect... and maximize... their Retiree Drug Subsidy dollars. And to find what may have been missed with an RDS Reopening. It can be worth hundreds of thousands of additional dollars

Retiree members today and those in the future depend on getting the maximum subsidy at the lowest cost to help protect the benefits they've worked a lifetime to earn.

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Here's what just one InTech client discovered

"The financial outcome of the re-open process is tied directly to the expertise and capabilities of the RDS vendor to evaluate multiple factors in the RDS process and identify where the issues are and what the financial opportunity is. In our case, InTech identified past enrollment issues impacting more than 30% of our retiree population. After re-opening the plan year, we corrected the enrollment and eligibility issues resulting in the fund capturing an additional $165,500 in subsidy for a single plan year."
Ed Fox, Fund Administrator
IBEW Local 38

Work with InTech – It's the right thing to do

InTech has your employees, active and retired, in mind. InTech shares their mission of delivering the best benefits for those who have worked hard all their lives and earned the peace of mind that having good benefits can bring. By keeping costs low and customer service high, InTech provides their labor clients with the most effective RDS processing in the market.

"There is no way that we could have done what InTechHV has done for us, as thoroughly and as promptly, as they were able to do. they not only got us money we likely would have never found, they were a pleasure to deal with in the process."
James L. McGee, Executive Director CEBS
Transit Employees' Health and Welfare Fund

"It has been a tremendous benefit in working with InTech. they have done the entire RDS process correctly, answered many, many, many questions and guided us every step of the way."
Bricklayers and Stone Masons Union Local 20 Fund

Protecting Your Data as well as Your Pension Benefits

Safeguarding sensitive employee data and staying compliant with HIPAA regulations are key to the InTech RDS and RDS Reopening process. InTech has been working with CMS and government healthcare programs for over ten years and is even a member of the CMS Work Group, so their expertise in securely handling your sensitive files is a top priority. You can feel confident that your data files are handled securely and will be error-free through all the many transmissions and steps in the process.

Saving You... Cost, Time and Labor

When you partner with InTech on RDS and RDS Reopening you not only get experts on healthcare technology and government programs, you get answers to your questions and friendly knowledgeable staff to guide you every step of the way. Our clients all attest that working with InTech has not only helped them in their RDS tasks but also made sure they avoided any government audits, fines or penalties. InTech specializes in handling the regulation complexity and compliance essential to the RDS program so your staff doesn't have to. Working together with your existing benefits staff and benefits advisors, there is no need to add to staff or devote time and money to training to handle these highly complex programs.

Whether you decide to work with InTech for the entire process or just to handle data aggregation, reporting, or one part of the process, you will find us to be flexible, responsive and reliable. With InTech as your partner in RDS and RDS Reopening you receive exceptional service and exceptional results to maximize your RDS subsidy reimbursements

"Please accept this letter as a testimonial in support of InTech Health Ventures of Tucson, Arizona. I was initially referred to InTech by a consultant for our Taft-Hartley health fund. I was faced with the daunting task of trying to reconcile the 2006 Retiree Drug Subsidy accounts for two separate pharmacy benefit management firms. The reconciliation process prescribed by RDS was a multiple-step nightmare, made considerably worse because we needed to combine data from each pharmacy benefit manager before even beginning to reconcile. Within a day or two after my initial contact with InTech, they jumped into the project with both feet. InTech's methodical approach to tackling the job was remarkable. Over a period of several months, they patiently guided me through the data and the demographic review necessary to ensure that what we had was accurate. InTech spoke directly to RDS, our pharmacy benefit manager groups, and anyone else from whom they needed information. We had weekly telephone meetings to review progress, and frequent voice and email contact in between meetings as the need arose. InTech was available virtually 100% of the time, whether or not their representative was in the office, and even while on vacation. The reconciliation was completed on time and with every effort made to secure the maximum amount of subsidy monies available. InTech made it painless and efficient. I would have no hesitation using their services repeatedly, given their level of expertise and cooperation.
Peter Klein, Fund Manager
Electrical Workers

Your Retirees Are Counting on You... And You Can Count on InTech

InTech is ready to answer your questions and get started, just give us a call. Join labor and union organizations around the country who have found an affordable solution to getting the highest RDS reimbursement subsidies for their members. Find out how you can maximize the RDS reimbursements you are due and how you can find additional reimbursement dollars with an RDS Reopening.