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Cut Your Costs Not Your Retiree Benefits

Budget cuts, staff cuts, hiring freezes... today running your agency or department is harder than ever. But one cut you don’t have to make is in your retiree benefits when you work with InTech to provide complete, comprehensive, and compliant RDS processing with maximum RDS reimbursement subsidies.

Lower RDS Costs = Better Rx Benefits for your Retirees

Municipalities, state and local governments, fire and police departments, utilities, religious and non-profit organizations of all sizes look to InTech to help them keep more of the RDS reimbursement dollars due to them.

default: Keep Over 90% of Your Subsidy Reimbursement $
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"Hiring InTech Health Ventures was the best decision we could have made... Thanks to InTech's ability to quickly submit accurate claims, we have already begun receiving significant reimbursements." Tricia M. Catania, Human Resources Specialist
Manchester, CT

Cutting Your Costs – Not Corners

InTech doesn’t cut corners to keep costs low. In fact, we maintain the highest standards and most rigorous data processing of anyone working with Medicare and RDS programs. That’s how we can maximize your RDS subsidy. Our expertise in pharmacy and retiree data processing improves the number of eligible claims, cost calculations and... your RDS reimbursement payment. No worries about compliance, HIPAA violations, data security or CMS audits.

"In these days of high tech government programs we have found a great asset in the InTech Health Ventures. They have given guidance and a better understanding of the RDS process as they walk us through each step. With their assistance we have been able to obtain greater benefit from our Part D Medicare subsidy, as they help to take our data and breaking it down and utilize it to a much better benefit than we have in the past. What could otherwise be a tedious process they have made simple and more useful."
United Methodist Council of Mississippi

Responsive, Reliable and 100% Client Satisfaction

No matter what the size of your organization, InTech gives you the assistance and service you deserve from a partner. The RDS and RDS ReOpen programs are complex and regulations and deadlines change frequently. When your staff has questions…we provide the answers. You can count on InTech’s knowledgeable and friendly staff to listen and provide guidance to navigate the rules and regulations without missteps. We understand your issues and help you stay compliant and ahead of deadlines.

"There is no way that we could have done what InTechHV has done for us, as thoroughly and as promptly, as they were able to do. They not only got us money we likely would have never found, they were a pleasure to deal with in the process."
James L. McGee, Executive Director CEBS
Transit Employees' Health and Welfare Fund

Outsource Your RDS and RDS ReOpen Programs with Complete Confidence

No organization today has the budget to hire staff just to specialize in the RDS program. And even taking time and allocating budget to training is next to impossible. Yet you want to make sure your retirees continue to get the benefits they deserve.

Trust InTech to Deliver

You can trust the experts at InTech Health Ventures to provide the highest level of data security, highest client satisfaction and maximum RDS reimbursement payment for your organization. And know you are paying the lowest cost without sacrificing service.

"InTech Health Ventures has greatly simplified the processing of our claims. Their specialists worked directly with our health insurance provider to collect the required data and then quickly submit accurate claims to the government. Outsourcing claims to an experienced service provider allows our staff to focus on delivering valuable services to our current and retired employees."
Cheryl Lynch
Town of Fairfield, CT

"We are delighted to have chosen InTech Health Ventures. It has proven to be a wonderful partnership. They provide excellent service by taking ownership of the process, from obtaining data from our TPA and pharmacy benefit manager to checking submissions for accuracy and following through on every detail. We trust their work and recommend them highly to others who need an efficient, effective service provider."
Peggy Thompson, City of Springfield
Springfield, MO

Get RDS done right…get started today.

Give us a call. Join hundreds of public sector organizations across the country. Select InTech as your partner to provide the best RDS and RDS ReOpen results with the highest customer satisfaction.